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The Truth Behind the How I Met Your Mother FInale

The How I Met Your Mother finale was beautiful. It seems the main complaint fans have is that the creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas tricked people with this ending, and that because of the title and the pilot, Robin and Ted should never end up together. But the moment the kids yell at Ted to go to Robin, is the moment Ted's story is over, this journey of nine seasons, the story of what Narrator Ted was attempting to tell us all this time, is over.

Bays, Thomas & the writing team used Narrator Ted in many creative ways throughout the series. In one episode Narrator Ted reveals everyone in the group used to smoke and in another Narrator Ted can't remember a girl's name so none of the group does in the episode. Narrator Ted is also played by Bob Saget, which confuses a lot of people, including Peter Griffin. Bob Saget is Narrator Ted because Ted is a widow in the future. Bob Saget's Full House character Danny Tanner, was a widowed father with three daughters. Bob Saget represents the ultimate widowed father in multi-cam sitcom television, Danny is just a precursor to Ted.

Which brings me back to the point, or a point, the writer's don't treat the audience like crap, it's not a trick that Robin and Ted get together at the end. The name of the show is based on Ted's story. The problem with his story is how he tells the final ninth season. People don't like to be tricked and having the entire ninth season take place during Robin and Barney's wedding weekend is tricking the audience. The way they handled the wedding and divorce, Barney and Robin get divorced because of bad wifi when Barney goes on business trips with Robin. People don't like to be tricked in film and television and by making a wedding 22 episodes only to divorce the two characters in the finale just to have her with someone else, is a trick. But are Carter Bays and Craig Thomas M. Night Shyamalan? Nah. The finale of How I Met Your Mother was beautiful.

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