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Pretty Little Liar: Pretty Big Obsession

So my guilty pleasure Pretty Little Liars is not so much a secret anymore. I have devoted more hours than I should admit to this show and it's mysteries.No matter how ridiculous, twisty, repetitive, or great I tuned. I have said to anyone who asks that I firmly believe that our big villain of the series was going to be the guy with the British accent from the pilot.

Maybe it's because he is too nice and helpful to the girls, maybe it's the accent, maybe it's the fact that every doctor who works at Radley may not be doctor of the year, or that I do not trust any man that Melissa is with, or when he just left for London, or the weird calls he would make, and the kicker was him showing Mona pictures of a woman in a red coat with children. All suspicious if you ask me.

There's only one character with a British accent in the pilot. Wren. Let's take a look at the history of film and story in America, the one character with the British accent is normally the bad guy. In Watchmen the murderer is British accent guy; they even made fun of this and reversed it in Kingsmen: The Secret Service where the bad guy is the only one with an American lisp. Julian Morris is British, but who knows, Wren certainly doesn't have to be British and can have a fake accent.

Any fan would know that Wren hasn't been in Rosewood for a few seasons now. Which begs the question of where the hell is he? In London apparently, but we have never seen him there- and we as an audience have been to London- did we see him NO. Now fans jump to blame the creator and writers for not wrapping up story lines and having one too many red herrings. But in an interview Troian aka Spencer said that basically Julian Morris needs to top booking every audition he goes to- then Wren can come back. INTERESTING! She is implying that yes he is wanted back at least. Very interesting.

Then the next question is what would he bring to the tail end of the series? Well I think that the season 6 finale answered that question when Elliot (Charlotte's old doctor at Radley and Allie's new hubby) pulled off that Wildon mask and suddenly had a new dashing British accent.

Wait, wait, wait wait. Radley doc- CHECK. British Accent- CHECK. Secret relationship with younger women- CHECK!

In that moment it became very clear that Elliot was the poor man's Wren. This was the destiny of the character Wren. He is meant to be the part of the Big Bad team that would finally be revealed before we launch into the final season. This is the characters destiny always has been. And since they couldn't get the original actor they just made up a new character, new british accent and suited him to pick up where Wren left off.

So on behalf of all PLL fans. Please. Bring. Back. Wren. Elliot is fine and all. But he is no Wren. We need Wren. Just make Elliot Wren's secret brother or something. You guys are pros at that! ; )

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