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Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks has returned- the vibrations of the masses was received, and we were gifted with 18 precious episodes. I caught up on Twin Peaks seasons 1, 2 and Fire Walk With Me, since I was but a wee li'l one when the show first premiered. In the first viewing I found myself bored to tears by the sordid romantic entanglements of "high schoolers" and instead completely riveted by the uncanny and mystery of the small town. As an individual with a background and appreciated for avant-garde and experimental theatre I ate up the disturbing parts that made my friends skirmish.

The show in its original run was cut short since network TV in the early 90's was not

exactly used to having this type of show on primetime. They didn't quite get what Lynch was trying to do and made him do things that I believe compromised his vision. When the new season premiered and fans and critics alike where confused- where is Coop? Does pie still exist in his universe? Where the hell can I get a cup of coffee in this town? These however were the least of our worries. I sat back waiting, biding my time to see what Mr Lynch and Frost had in store for me this time around. Where they are not limited to the restraints of network TV, can curse as they see fit, and maybe say a few things about how they feel about TV and entertainment in general nowadays.

It requires the viewer to be active- something that the multitasking masses have a bit of trouble with from time to time. If you do, however, you will be rewarded with realizing that things are not as normal on this show. You are in the middle of a long scene in the diner where nothing seems to be happening when BANG a man comes running in- has anyone seen Billy? (who the fuck is Billy) and suddenly everyone is on a different side of the restaurant- are backward blinks even possible?- is he wearing a different sweater?- is that person actually backwards?. Thank you to Mr. Lynch Mr. Frost for forcing their viewers to actually pay attention.

If you have not tuned in yet to Twin Peaks do so. if only to see how this show has impacted TV, as I can see Twin Peaks in more than a few shows out there.

I hope that the new hype for this show will help a new uprising of avant-garde pieces for TV streaming, network and cable alike.

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