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Read the Book: Peacock Staff of Magic

Collect the Stickers:
Pack One

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Play the Game: Meow Alpha

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Peacock Staff of Magic

in this novel, Lana Leopard learns the truth behind Majestic Magic and her past as a Catraté Fighter. Lana's love for water makes her unique, but her love for catching her own food reminds Magic of her delicate past.


Meow Alpha

In this game created in GB Studio, Lana Leopard learns of a toy company replacing cats with robotic cats and it's up to her to travel through Clover Country and stop the evil corporation.


Sticker Packs - Volume I

Collect the first five stickers:

1. Majestic Magic

2. Lana Leopard

3. Mister Artemis

4. Purlock Holmes

5. Samurai

And a special holographic sticker exclusive to the pack:

Special. Chorus

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