The Traveling Traveler

Given the gift to travel only backwards through time, Donna Sestuvatowa-Chiklis must rescue the love of her life before time starts.


The Traveling Traveler - 1

101– 1985, January 1

Time travel trainee Donna Chiklis & Immortal Scientist Edward J. Kitmaster leap back to the second most dangerous Coke/Pepsi/Deloreans Party ever partied.

The Traveling Traveler - 2

102 – 1963, August 25th

Donna & Kitmaster leap back to a time where a certain she who claims he's the she they expect him to be.


And featuring a classic nemesis from the Chiklis vault.

The Traveling Traveler - 3

103 – 1951, August 25th

Donna separates from Kitmaster and time jumps to the set of the game show Queen for a Day and meets a younger Kitmaster who then meets an older Kitmaster that Donna also meets.

The Traveling Traveler - 4

104 - 1929, October 28th

Donna time jumps, alone, to 1929 and attempts to change the plot of the Detective Professor Chiklis MD pilot!

The Traveling Traveler - 5

105 – 44 BCE, March 15th

Donna & Chiklis time fork to a holy Roman cluster fuck and try to stop Brutus from assassinating Julius Caesar in order to fix time.



Catch this episode before it returns to the Chiklis Vault!


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