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Is Facebook the Number One Console?

By: Chris Bucca Taylor

Is the number one system / console currently on the market? I have all four systems, Wii / PS360 / Facebook and I can safely say that I believe more people own the latter then the first three. Facebook is a much more personal console. Instead of just giving it certain facts, like your credit card number and an “avatar” you give it everything. Facebook knows where you live. Facebook “knows” you. It’s like “Hey, sup, here’s what your friends are up to… even that girl you thought was cute, added her and found out she had a boyfriend… hey guess what, she getting married!”.

Facebook makes you laugh, Facebook makes you cry, the 360 never did any of this to me… except cry, damn you Vampire Rain! Are you a Farmvillian, or part of the Mob Wars II or even a Typing Maniac? These are the games people are playing now. Kids today are part of the second Mob War as opposed to attempting Grand Theft Auto. Do you play the “writing on the wall of someone you haven’t spoken to in a while” game? Heard that’s a good one.What is more fun: Mob Wars II or Grand Theft Auto Typing Maniac or Typing of the Dead Farmville or Viva Pinata Updating your status or updating your Avatar with a 15 dollar lightsaber?

I just want to be a better gamer? Should I join in on Farmville? Would you want someone like me cutting your lawn? Here’s to, for being the number one system of the sixth generation! Take that Microsoft, Sony and / or Nintendo

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