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AT&WB Podcast - Episode 39 - Warner Synergy Breaks The Theatrical Distribution Model

Warner Bros. did it, they actually did it and announced that all 17 of their giant tentpole films will be released simultaneously on their own streamer HBO Max and in theaters starting with Wonder Woman 1984. Alex Newman joins Bucca Taylor as we delve into the nitty gritty of the transition from theatrical to the new digital delivery system.

We also go in depth about Johnny Depp and Joss Whedon's relationships with Warner Bros. and how they both moved from Disney to Warner Bros. and then became quite toxic to the latter.

VRV and the greater Otter Media digital empire that WB owns is mentioned, as is that final Game of Thrones season and speculation as to why it went down the way that it did. Also Ray Fisher's Accountability over Entertainment is a message that we fully support here.

And finally the super special guests include non other than Bucca's cat Lana Leopard and Newman's cat Eevee, listen as the wreck havoc in the Podcast studio.

Listen Here:


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