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AT&WB Podcast - Episode 33 - Val Kilmer Forever & The Crisis Corporation Cleanup - DC FanDom

A Warner Restructure

As we lead into the first ever DC Fandome, we give our predictions as to what is going to happen and we look back on the 600 people who sadly lost their jobs at DC Comics, WB and HBO.

Just like how they are restructuring the DC multiverse and getting away from the DCEU idea, Warner itself is restructuring.

Stankey, Greenblatt and 600 workers have been let go from Warner Brothers / DC Comics / HBO Max.

We delve further into the CW Crisis Crossover event and the comic book companion Crisis on Infinite Earths: Paragons Rising and the Council of Lex and Council of Supermen.

And finally we talk Val Kilmer, as his name was on the list of people attending DC FanDome. Could Val Kilmer be returning as Batman in Andy Muschietti's The Flash?

All this and more!

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