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AT&WB Podcast - Episode 31 - Space Jam 0 - Nike Air Jordan Super Bowl Commercials

On this very special and very looney episode of the AT&WB Podcast, I have on guest Jonathan Graves from the Of Course You Realize THIS Means Podcast, a podcast devoted to all things Looney Tunes!

We do a deep dive on the precursor to Space Jam, the 1992 and 1993 Nike Air Jordan Super Bowl Commercials.

We also talk Astroworld in Texas and it's connection to the Warner Brothers brand.

We are pretty sure it's either Joe Alaskay or Billy West doing the voice of Bug Bunny in these Super Bowl commericals.

Jonathan realize how he could've made Skate Jam into reality.

And we finally break down a little bit of Bryan Lynch's VARSITY BUGS.

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Jonathan was grateful enough to have me on his podcast to talk all about the Warner Animation movie: Scoob, and you should listen to it as a sort of prequel to this AT&WB episode.

The Of Course You Realize This Means Podcast episode can be found here:

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