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AT&WB Podcast - Episode 34 - WB Network Dramas - Roswell (1999) - A Reinterpretation of Mytholog

Roswell Part 1 of 2

It's the WB Network vs. UPN on this special episode of the AT&WB Podcast with Warner Brothers Network drama expert Holly Leveque.

The most important topic of the episode is how Jason Behr came to appear on BOTH shows.

We talk about how the new show is a reinterpretation of the original show's mythology, in the same way the original show was a reinterpretation of the mythology of the original book.

But also the original Michael and Maria had and still have a spinoff idea for the original Roswell were they have their own detective agency.

From the Greater Warner Fandom--

We compare HBO documentary and show I'll Be Gone In the Dark to HBO Max animated series Harley Quinn.

The eventual move of CW Network shows from Netflix to HBO Max and the new fall lineup for the CW is being taken from other services because Covid.

And finally we reminisce about going to a movie theater and WBs Wizard of Oz in 3D they did in theaters.

As we lead into the DC Fandome, we focus on another WB property and how both DC Comics and Roswell deal with a multiverse.

All this an more on Part One of the two part Roswell comparison adventure!

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