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AT&WB Podcast - Episode 37 - On The Front Burner Of A New Freakazoid Legacy

Get out your front burners and get ready for another news episode of the AT&WB Podcast, there is a lot to get to since Alex was on paternity leave since before the DC FanDome hit us with a ton of info.

In this episode we delve into how AT&T is shaving off WB's debt and the exit of television exec-extraordinaire Peter Roth who help usher in and define not on the WB TV brand, but also the branding for The WB Network which later morphed into the brand identity of The CW Network.

WB Interactive's upcoming games get a mention, as well as the great covid shuffle of film release dates. The future of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter gets sorted out in more ways than one (trans rights are human rights), we go over the new Animaniacs as well as the news of new Tiny Toons and a long time Freakazoid dream of Chris' finally comes true, that's right they made Freakazoid officially part of the DC Comics Multiverse!

It's Warner Synergy all over the place. All that and more and within that "more" is a quick go over on the leaked synopsis of Space Jam 2: A New Legacy on this episode of the AT&WB Podcast!

If your ears love two people talking about a giant corporation's debt and the Looney Tunes playing basketball with the Animaniacs, then you've come to the right place!

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