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Why Toby should have died instead in the fatal finale of Pretty Little Liars


I don’t trust him. Not that I trust all of the beaus on Pretty Little Liars (LOOKING AT YOU EZRA!) I just really don’t trust Toby.

Most because I really don’t like Toby. Its one of those irrational hatreds that cannot be contained. I hate his face, his voice, and his social skills. Everything.


He lied to Spencer, lies to everyone and doesn’t really listen to any one else’s opinion.


Mona would have been a valuable member to the liar team and now she is gone! Gone.


When Toby “died” previously it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Seriously. Victory is so sweet.


He has already signed his own death certificate by putting on that badge. Being a police officer in Rosewood may has well come with your very own coffin. Because they often find there way in there.


The hashtags for this blessed event would be epic. As all pretty little liar hashtags are . #TobyTerminated #DeathToToby #TobysWeirdFace #ItTakesLongerThanAWeekToBecomeACop #CorporateSponsor #PoorSpencer #BadActing


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