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Things that could happen on the Full House Reboot

Uncle Jesse’s music career takes off and he is a Rock God.


Danny finally finds true love in… GIBLER

Danny Dance.gif

The girls have to move back in with their Dad- a breakup- divorce- a little pink slip. Take your pick.


Joey finally settles down and becomes a youtube star with his comedy partner in life and love GIBLER.


Danny has wasted away his career at Wake up San Francisco and suddenly finds himself out of a job and interning at a production office and living with the now very rich Joey!


An old audience favorite comes back as the family’s new neighbor! But who will it be? I say bring back Rusty! That cyclone of mischief and comedy would be a nice addition.


Stephanie finally gives in to those years of suppressed sexual aggression for her true love GIBLER!


If Lori Loughin continues to poo poo this new show then we can go with plan C! Jesse is left heat broken after Becky’s tragic death, Joey and Danny move in with Jesse to help raise his kids and kick start his new life.


One of the Tanner sisters has a bun in the oven!


Joey ditches the comedy act and becomes a janitor at the kid’s school because lets face it what else is he qualified to do.

Dave Coulier-20140130-8.jpg

If the Olsen Twins opt out of this beautiful beautiful reunion we would have to explain Michelle’s absence… maybe we start the new show with another death jolting this family back together.


Uncle Jesse leaves Becky for you guessed it Gibbler.


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