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Ghostbusters 3: Chasing Death

Why on earth is there going to be a female Ghostbusters? I say that as a feminist and as a true fan of Ghostbusters. That name. That profession. That uniform. That world. That humor. That team is sacred.

Not that I'm not super supportive of women's rights and women having big roles in movies, but if you want to make an all female action comedy then, I don't know, make an original idea? Something that is written for these women for this day and age. Rather than recycling this iconic story. Women can tell original stories too ya know? And they don’t have to be about being single and SEX. Women can be badass and still look fabulous just like any other of their male counterparts.

And give me my goddamn Ghostbusters three with my guys, with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. And maybe make it, I don't know, dealing with the loss of someone close to them **cough cough** Harold Ramis. These men chasing the ghost of the loved one they lost. Because they are the only people in the world who could do that. Justify the conceit of the movie by using real life.

Do something that goes along with the storyline in this world of these characters that we love. And give us a story that makes us fall in love with these new females who are taking the comedy world by storm and are hopefully bringing a new audience to funny female movies.

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