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Scream Princesses

Scream Queens

Fox's new horror show has more to offer than just expensive clothes, gore and "sisterhood." The show is actually really funny, extremely self aware, irreverent, and impeccably well cast. But upon IMDBing the shit out of this show I suddenly realized that the show is genious. It seems that the writers of Fox's slasher comedy have an inside joke that is finally making itself known.

Each "Chanel" is funny and unique in their own manipulative prom Queen ways. Image is everything and must be preserved at all costs. The deadpan ice queen Chanel Number 3 is my personal favorite.

But have you ever wondered why for some reason Chanel Number 3 looks so good damn right in those ear muffs? You want to hate this ridiculous character quirk, but you can't because they somehow work on her. Because let's be real when has ear muffs ever worked for anyone? Besides the fact that Chanel Number 3 probably does have rather attractive ears that indeed must be protected at all times- there is another reason behind her constant accessory.

The actress playing the role of Chanel number three is the daughter of Charles Manson- WAIT that is just her hilarious character background.

Billie Lourd in real life is the daughter Princess Leia herself Carrie Fisher. A women who has always been known for the a similar ear look herself.

Kuddos to Scream Queens writers, producers, and costume designers who pay tribute to this joke and those precious buns every episode. And good for Billy Lorde herself for leaning into her family legacy and look damn good doing it.

Be sure to look for Billy on the big screen along with her mother in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Rumor has it having your mom as royalty and everything has its perks. The most important being working dem bun dos.

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