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How to Get Away with Muggle Matriarchy

This is my HTGAWM Theory-

Ever wonder why Annalise is so steadfast in her support of Wes.

They have a connection that's for sure; it's intimate, intense, but not sexual. When Wes comes back to the crime scene in season 1 and Annalise is simply sitting at the table staring at her husband's dead body, Wes doesn't even get a word out before she just agrees to cover for him. She knew without even having to hear it from him that Wes (spoiler alert) killed Sam.

But why? Why is she so dedicated to protecting him? Covering up for him? Putting herself and others on the line to protect him? How does she know much about his personal life? How would she know that his mother "killed" herself? Maybe because she didn't.

Dean Thomas is her son. Guys.

In high school she got preggers and gave the baby up for adoption. He was put in the system until he got accepted to Hogwarts and went on to finish his schooling in the states to become a lawyer, using his muggle name "Wes Gibbins." There unwittingly enrolling himself in his biological mother class. It's genius.

Now the child Annalise gave up shows up, and she will do anything to protect her son. Even helping him get away with muggle murder.

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