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Thank You Trevor Noah

Thank you Trevor Noah for not ruining The Daily Show.

I am going to be honest. I didn't watch The Daily Show religiously for the entire run of the sacred Jon Stewart show. I watched most of the episodes over the past 5 years. I loved the spunk, honestly, and realness that Jon brought to his viewers every night. Going over the world's biggest fuck ups every night is tough to do. It takes a toll on your soul and your heart to have to talk about the latest shooting, war, bill not being passed, the latest celebritry birth or red carpet event every god damned day. Which is exactly why he had to stop doing it for his own sanity. I am happy to know that he will be spending his days on his own wild life reserve in New Jersey petting sheep and saving the helpless animals every day. Jon you earned it.

Passing on the torch must have not been easy, but the man Jon and his crew chose to take this mission was up to the challenge. Trevor you had seriously big shoes to fill. And beyond my expectations you succeed in filling them.

And went further. You took the advice that Jon gave you. "Jon just told me to make the best show that you feel needs to be made. And trust your discomfort." which is what he has done. Except he has leaned into the advice full force. Trevor gleefully and most articulately goes over the news of the day and keeps it 100 the entire time. When you think he won't go THAT far with the joke he DOES. You think he won't call out Trump HE DOES. So much so that he currently will not say Trump's name on his show. He chooses to refer to him as "The guy who said he would fuck his own daughter." This man is not scared to go toe to toe with the big wigs and call them out. He ain't an American citizen, he can't vote, he can say whatever the hell he wants to and he does. A question that would normally result in punches being thrown he gets away with by that accent, his smile and a wink. So thank you, Trevor. Thank you for going for it. Thank you for having the balls to create discussion, debate, and questions in your viewers. Maybe you can give Fox news some pointers. But let's be real- those bitches be going to hell in a handbag already Even your winning smirk can't save them. Thanks for not sucking,

Regards, Holly


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