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What the Roger Moore Generation Misses About the Pierce Brosnan Generation

What the Roger Moore Generation Misses About the Pierce Brosnan Generation

When I was a child, I knew that James Bond existed, but I thought in 1992 that the franchise was over. But then they announced that Pierce was going to be Bond and then my Grandma took me to see my very first Bond film in theaters, Goldeneye. She wanted to go because she just wanted to stare at Brosnan’s striking eyes. I still remember when she made me cover my eyes during the Xenia literally on the top of Bond, sex squeezing the life out of him, pain acting and all.

When I got out of the movie I was in love with the James Bond franchise. Martin Campbell truly directed a captivating 90s action adventure that my 9 year old self went crazy over. I was obsessed with the movie, then 2 years later the game came out on Nintendo 64 and this was the moment three important things in my life came together.

I made this cover after Microsoft bought Rare from NIntendo, it's fake and never happened


Now I’ve always liked Nintendo, but the game developer that I truly love is Rare, the creator of Goldeneye007 for the N64. I did love my Nintendo 64, I loved Rare and I loved James Bond, so when these three things came together it was like a particle explosion of perfect proportion, I couldn’t take my hands off that banana controller.

And then there’s the wait between Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies. I obsessed over each and every story that came out about the film. And with the early days of the internet the main source of Tomorrow Never Dies news was still in magazines. So I would go to Borders Books and read every entertainment magazine they had, trying to find any news on Tomorrow Never Dies.

And finally when Tomorrow Never Dies came out I didn’t love it the way I did Goldeneye, but I still thought it was a solid adventure. TND is one of the last practical effect films and the franchise was still taking Bond seriously. That can’t be said for Brosnan’s follow-ups The World is Not Enough and especially Die Another Day, a film that leaned into the digital effects revolution a little too much.

Teri Hatcher also confused me in the film, because I still hadn’t seen all of the Bond films during the Bond Marathon’s on TNN. So when Teri Hatcher’s Paris Carver says she knew Bond from a previous adventure I thought she meant that she was in a previous Bond movie. So when going back and watching the older films, I looked for Teri Hatcher but didn’t find her. In retrospect I wish they used a previous Bond girl for the Paris Carver roll.

But before The World is Not Enough, TWIRL, there was so much promise for the next Brosnan Bond films. I thought he had two solid adventures that were their own independent adventures, we finally had Judi Dench. But then TWIRL came out and Bond made Christmas coming once a year jokes.

Three Out of Six of the Bonds Together

Everything or Nothing Productions is currently working on Bond 25 with probably Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming's James Bond.

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