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The Key to Siesta Key on Mtv

I Checked out siesta key even though I wasn't a "Hills girl" back in the day. If only because I was a hard core Real World fan, a Road Rules fan back in the day and also a Challenge fan. However my love for The Real World faded after the first Vegas season when the show became less about when things stop being polite and start getting real and more about hot people getting crunk and hooking up.

The premiere of Siesta Key was over shadowed by animal cruelty allegations where a friend of one of the guys on the show caught, tortured, and dragged a hammerhead shark behind his yacht. That headline alone tells you that these are kids who have yachts and these are possible problems they could have. They are the glamorous children of the 1%.

The show revolves around a group of early 20 something's who are finding love on the beach on top of that perfect tan. The leading man as they call him is Alex who in the pilot is celebrating his 22nd birthday. At this detail alone I was floored because Alex, no offense, looks more like a 35 year old than a recent college grad. So they already lost me as a viewer to fan girl all over Alex. (Wear sunscreen and don't do coke kids.)

He is involved in a love triangle between his high school love Madisson and his go to summer girlfriend Juliette. If anything I may tune in for Madisson whose natural beauty and sweet personality stands out in a good way. A new girl comes into town that may throw everyone's summer bed buddy plans for a loop.

I guess we will have to tune in to find out how this revolves itself or you know wait for it to be canceled. Whichever happens first.

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