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Everwood is Forever

Everwood's first season is so relevant it could have been ordered this past pilot season. The series premiered in 2002 on the United Paramount Network (UPN) running for four seasons but ultimately didn't survive the WB and UPN merger.

At his late wife's request big city Nuero surgeon moves to a small town to start a new life as a general doctor and to reconnect with his children. The doctor procedural element shines epsiode to epsiode when our Doctor Brown invests his heart in every patient.

Starting with his daughters first friend in their new town whose play dates suddenly is banned when the little boys mother find them playing dress up. Leading to the bomb shell that he unknowingly was born with both genders reproductive organs and his parents chose to raise him as a boy.

A STD begins making its rounds in the local high school forces the town of Everwood to have the dreaded birds and the bees talk. Since their teenagers didn't exactly get the " oral sex is still sex" memo.

HIV even makes its mark in this town. Bringing much controversy and conversation.

An unplanned pregnancy in the town brings a pro choice and pro life discussion. It takes an interesting turn when our big city doctor can't bring himself to do the procedure. Our resident small town Doctor Abbott however in a twist did. Because his father, who was also a doctor to this town for 40 years, impressed on him the importance of giving the women in this town the option to abortion. He saw the lengths women had to go to illegally to get this procedure because it was their only option. This is possibly the most important part of the show. That is doesn't matter whether your population count is 500 or 5,000,000 having a safe option for women is necessary.

Everwood is owned by Warner Brothers Television.

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