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The Creek and the Peaks that led to the River

Riverdale is the best CW show in years.

Riverdale is Twin Peak meets Dawson's Creek with a sprinkle of Pretty Little Liars and Scream the Series plotting with an Archie comics mythology cellophane cosmetic layer. And they literally lifted an executive producer of Dawson's Creek and an actress from Twin Peaks.

The new show takes the beloved characters from the Archie comics and sets them in modernish day when a murder hits their sleepy town.

The show also features the iconic Josie and Pussy Cat's with their cat ear branding. Leading the way to musical numbers in every episode that surprisingly don't suck.

Once they get past the dreaded pedophilia arc ( Get out of here Ms. Grundy) they show finds its voice and momentum and doesn't stop till the season finale.

The casting director should get a medal on this one for finding our new scobby gang. Stand outs include Casey Cott, Cole Sprose. But really their are no weak links in this cast.

With a second season 22 episode order on the horizon we shall see where Riverdale takes us next.

Riverdale is a coproduction of Warner Brothers TV and CBS TV Studio.

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