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Introducing the AT&WB Podcast!

Introducing the AT&WB podcast with me, Chris Zeitchrist Taylor, as your host. This is a podcast about Warner Brothers, mainly Warner animation, which I believe will become a huge thing in the next five years. A Resurgence if you will and a nostalgic call back to the 90s. Listen on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts, I use BeyondPod on my Android device.

You can listen here:

The big new this week is two fold. The biggest thing and the back that I'm launching this off of is the fact that the United States Justice Department just allowed AT&T to buy the Justice League... And all of Time Warner. This influx of money into Warner Animation will jumpstart a new era which will surely look back on the 90s, the days when Warner was king and Disney was Floundering, and this new era will be glorious.

On June 11th hours before they announced the buyout, Warner Animation announced they are making new Looney Tunes shorts, just like the old ones of yore. The series will be produced by Warner Bros Animation and features veteran Looney Tunes voice cast members including Eric Bauza, Jeff Bergman and Bob Bergen. Sam Register and Peter Browngardt are executive producing. Sam Register has been the main man I'm charge of the Looney Tunes for the last 10 years and Peter Browngardt has been working in animation for a while working as a story artist in 2000 on Futurama and then going on to create the crazy 90s throwback Uncle Grandpa in 2013. Warner and DC have also been hard at work on DC Universe, their streaming service for all things DC, whether it be Animated, like the Bruce Timm Universe or the DCW Universe that is also called the Greg Betlanti Universe. So things are exciting in Warner land. Wonder Woman 1984 and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald both look great. They seem to be resetting their cinematic universe which is a smart move. I honestly think they should keep things loosely connected, let the director do what they want aesthetically, just keep the same actors, as long as they are good. Kind of like how they did the Wolverine movies. This is where we stand. Even though AT&T gave Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer now indicted, a large amount of money, we are still getting this AT&TTimeWarner deal. And for someone who's always been obsessed with both companies and I'll get into all that later on, this will be a fascinating ride. I'll also review old episodes of Looney Tunes and Animaniacs. AT&T will now own: HBO DC Comics Looney Tunes Hannah-Barbera Cartoon Network Harry Potter Film Franchise Lord of the Rings Film Franchise Friends Game of Thrones The Matrix Franchise Mad Max Franchise TBS TNT

Happy Listening!


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